i found a snail sitting on one of my blueberries.

snail on blueberry on dirty window ledge

i found him (/she, i suppose, since snails are hermaphrodites) hanging out on the berry in the package. i never saw the little face, though. i pulled him off the blueberry and then put both of them onto a plastic plate… and: i guess i wouldn’t be a very good mother, because more than five hours later, i remembered, “where is the blueberry and snail?”

my mom found the fruit on that plastic plate and ate it.

but have no fear, my mom swears she felt no unusual *crunch*, so that snail is probably having a healthy adventure right now. probably.

…speaking of blueberries.

my sister and  i made some muffins of blue explosion a little while ago.

warning: must use muffin liners. we only lightly greased our muffin tin, and those muffins were definitely against coming out of their molds. use muffin liners, or grease the living shite out of your muffin tin. seriously. if you could only reach into that image above and turn that poor muffin around to see the rest of its body…

anyway (:. my sister and i followed the recipe from allrecipes. we made only a quarter of the crumble topping, though, which was enough when we filled each muffin tin about three quarters full. they were gooood and fluffy. nomnomnom

i shall flee now while there is still time.