i cannot remember the last time i missed class because of illness. actually, i can’t even remember the last time i missed school for something non-related to school.

i don’t like missing class. it means falling behind; back into a dark forest of educational mysteries and the necessity to ask classmates about work missed. i don’t really like bothering people with those types of questions…

but i missed class yesterday, because of illness! aha! it was quite the treat. well, the illness wasn’t that great–i just meant the escape from class. that was excellent. a much needed mental health day was finally taken. oh yes. plus! my day of luxury didn’t end there…another treat i gave myself was crepes.

my mom recently bought an crepe pan, thinking that it would be ideal for cooking breakfast eggs with. but then she stuffed it into a plastic bag and hid it away in some dark cupboard after using it for the first time. that pan wasn’t really for her.

deciding to play hero, i fished the pan out from its prison and used it for what the thing was created to do best: making crepes. armed with a ridiculously simplified recipe from epicurious and halloween chocolate (for filling), i went about creating these supa thin pancakes for the first time as if i didn’t have crazy chills, coughs or cc..sniffles. yaah!