despite being fond of winter, these past few months seem to be weighing on me heavily. when i’m not doing school work, i’m thinking guiltily about school work. faced with these great mounds and mounds of deadlines and assignments, i tend to flicker my eyes towards any direction besides the direction that tells me THIS IS DUE IN TWO DAYS. i survive. things are fine. strangely enough, i feel as if this school year is going to be the best one yet, out of the four. and when i don’t feel as positive, i just think about cats.

hurrah for cats !

today is chinese new year, which means every baby who is born from now until some time next year is a RABBIT. but, for the vietnamese, rabbits are not so special, because it’s the year of the cat.

it’s also my birthday. isn’t that great? on this day, it’s both the cat’s and my day to bask in glorious love and attention. the cat and i are practically family now! i feel so fuzzy and warm. i knew this was my destiny.

i don’t really know if i’ve been making sense for the past few sentences… so i’ll go on to talk about what i made a couple of days ago. which was coconut honey rice pudding, made with japanese/calrose/sushi rice. a yummy sweet treat, especially appropriate for chinese new year.

i found this recipe on la fuji mama a little while ago and started drooling on my sister’s laptop keyboard. oogling every picture of the rice pudding on her blog, i could almost feel the texture of the rice in my mouth.  so imagine my delight when i was finally able to devour this dessert… :)

and guess what? for christmas my sister gave me a nice bottle of fancy schmancy vanilla extract, which i had been frequenting william sonoma to lovingly stare at. i’m pretty sure this stuff made my rice pudding taste significantly more awesome. all hail fattydumpling.

if you like soy milk, coconut, or honey, you’ll easily like this rice pudding. it had just the right amount of sweetness and had a consistency like oatmeal (which my mom compared it to). (–but wait–do all rice puddings have a consistency like oatmeal? hmm…) plus the flavours of soy milk and coconut milk joined together tasted really yummy! to be honest, i found out i’m not too fond of rice pudding in general, despite only trying it twice, including this one. but this variation still tasted really delicious. so if you’re a fan of rice pudding, or perhaps just the flavours involved in this particular recipe, you’re in for a good treat.

happy new year; i send my best wishes for your survival during the rest of this winter.

recipe: coconut honey rice pudding from la fuji mama