many a time i find myself home alone. finally, this does not spark a 6-hour episode of paranoid fear governed by desperate searching outside the living room window for the site of familiar faces heading toward the house. ha! i’m fearless.

so, with no one around to judge me, i whip up single-serving treats of cookies, brownies, and cakes. i’ve noticed recently that i hardly make anything venturing out of these three categories… you should notice by ‘single-serving’ i just mean they’re made to serve me alone.

but sometimes i don’t finish them in time and my family finds my half-eaten pans of baked goods. and then i have to share.

brother: can i have some of the brownie?
me: no.
brother: can i have a little?
me: …fine. *cuts a piece the size of a single rolo chocolate*

go-to recipe during times of bored hunger—hershey’s best brownies ! something about the crispy, chewy crust of an otherwise gooey brownie is hard to deny.