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i have a friend who believes christmas would not lose any bit of ‘special’ even if it was celebrated every single day of the year. as long as the stresses and frustrations that come with the holidays don’t also stay strong, i’m fine with that idea. am i the only one who still has candy canes from last winter?

after a couple weeks full of busy days, i was suddenly confused by all the free time i have. whenever my sister suggests we watch [yet] a[nother] movie, i, out of habit, consult my mental planner to see what tasks i need to finish before i have any free time. but it’s empty now.

and what a great thing! for now i have about a month of free time before i start a very busy couple months governed by lectures, hopeful class participation, office working hours–not to mention serving deep-fried-mars-bars-hungry customers, if i can help it. this means for now i have some time to watch films, watch the magical benedict cumberbatch in and as sherlock, and rewatch episodes of modern family, all the while anticipating my new roles for the summer period. hopefully i’ll also spend a significant amount of time more actively so that i can do things worth watching, as well. in a non-creepy way.

a couple days ago i decided it was time to use a few more of those leftover candy canes i still keep in the cupboard from last christmas. sister by my side, i made candy cane crinkle cookies after reading table for two (whose recipe for oreo cheesecake bars i am always dreaming about soon making). sister took care of the fluffing up of sugar and butter, and i looked after impatiently combining the dry ingredients so i could have myself some cookies.

for whatever depressing reason our cookies didn’t spread like table for two’s. fattydumpling and i experimented with flattening the dough before baking to see if we could produce nicely flat things, nonetheless, to my delight they were still wonderfully chewy regardless, and induced a late-night gorging of cookies. i think i’ll make them again before this week ends. it’s not like time is against me.

i can’t eat peppermint sugar cookies and not think of christmas! and today while at a bakery i saw hanging christmas lights and metallic bows. perhaps it’s time to start buying gifts on behalf of nick.

yo ho.

ed sheeran/the a team 

also, my sister said to me today,

‘i have a theory that when we go out, you become ten years younger.’

(let me point out that while this may be read as an endearing sister-to-sister comment about youth and life, by ‘younger’ i’m completely sure she meant ‘more immature’. my sister’s a bully)