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i’ve got a terrible guilty pleasure with reality tv shows. sometimes i feel a little too familiar with the happenings of the kardashians. i’ve watched so many episodes of ‘say yes to the dress’ that i feel i could stick my hand into a rack of gowns and pull out my friends’ perfect silhouettes. i can identify and name all of kate gosselin’s children.

my brother makes fun of me for “spending my life watching other people’s lives”, but i don’t mind. i may not go out as much as him, but when i do, i do it big! i’m like the biggest rebel you’ve ever seen. you never met a troublemaker so mean. when you see me rollin’, don’t look for a fight. i stay out husslin’ ’til eight at night.

….okay, not really. but! when i go out with my friends, i sometimes use the opportunity to bake something. it’s a nice good-guest gesture people just cannot deny !! what’s that you say, mother,  it’s hot in the summer and i shouldn’t use the oven, you say? well go fly a kite, because i’m baking for that bbq i’m going to !

and that’s exactly what i did when i went out saturday AND sunday with my friends. on sunday, i left after my family and  i went to taste of danforth, and on saturday, i went after we visited my aunts and cousins… but still! i am pretty badass about hanging out with my homies. word.

for saturday i made those chocolate-banana-marshmallow cakey-things, and for sunday i made pip and ebby’s awesome lemon ice box pie. look at it above! it looks like it’s gravitating, but in reality my friend’s little brother was kindly helping me with my photographing endeavours.

that picture compared to the one below is kind of funny, look at that difference between artificial and natural lighting… ;D

i was short of some ingredients, so halved the lemon portion of the pie, which resulted in lemon ice box pie…bars. which was soo delicious! mind you, if you’re not a huge fan of lemon and its tartness like one of my friends who had a piece, you and the pie might not mingle all that great. but personally, i loved the balance between the sour lemon with the sweeter graham crust. my other friends seemed to like it too :)

we also misplaced out zester contraption somewhere, which meant my sister had to peel some lemon rind and cut it up herself. HAHAHA… such a faithful sister.

the taste of this wonderful creation makes me want to stay at some and watch some tori and dean. (but then afterwards i’ll watch something a little more mind stimulating, i promise.)

p.s: you can eat it all politely with a plate and knife, but my friends and i did perfectly happy with just our hands.

…off to watch some tv.

(recipe: pip and ebby’s lemon ice box pie)


the friday that just passed just so happened to be my sister’s birthday.

which always feels a tiny tiny bit meaningless since she never seems to get any more mature. or at least never seems to act more her age, which at the moment is the age of a university student. go ask her if she’d rather go to a party with her friends, or spent the night reading her favourite childhood picture books and see how she answers. nooo competition. robert munsch, anyone?

either way, at whatever age she decides is a suitable age to finally catch up with maturity, i do hope she never stops liking cake.

my parents aren’t so fond of me when i attempt to make a cake where frosting accompanies it. frankly, i’ve always had terrible experiences with creating a good-tasting mixture of anything involving butter, cream, and [icing] sugar. but now that i think about it… i should probably start neglecting margarine and use butter more often. ahh, now everything makes more sense.

anyway, i mean that because my parents don’t approve of my cakes with frosting, they opted to buy a cake for my sister’s birthday instead of letting me make one for her. but that never stops me  ! after we came home from the store i started making extra stuffs for my sister’s special day, including sushi, mint-chocolate brownies, and this lemon cake topped with raspberries.

(is it just me, or does the cake in the first picture look like a robot’s head?)

for some reason, it’s always hard for me to describe food, in terms of its texture, taste, and whatever else people like to notice. it was good, not too sweet. it tasted yummy. the raspberry gave the cake a nice flavour. yeah. how do i rise above this awkward moment…

i used the recipe for raspberry-topped lemon muffins from smitten kitchen. if you put a muffin batter into a cake pan, the result is cake, right?

my parents aren’t so fond of me when i attempt to make a cake where frosting accompanies it. frankly,