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i’ve been gone a while.

but, all the same… the upcoming fall means big things changes for this child-lady.

this sugar-loving, fart-joke telling, reluctant shower-taking, official “adult” is going to go off to university soon. and an art one, no less.

going there, not to mention, in order to learn how to manipulate the general public into using the money they earn from the jobs they hate to buy the shizz they don’t need ! or something like that. either way, i’m slowly preparing for my anticipated education.

i’m recently equipped with my fancy shmancy (aka ridiculously expensive) computer. and as you might be able to guess, for the time being instead of for photoshop and after effects, i use it for looking at nice cats.

since i’m a little intimidated by the idea of fat cat artists, i’m also lazily trying to polish my artistic skills :D! i say ‘lazily’ because, to be honest, i’ve only tried polishing those skills up two or three times, the last time being a few weeks ago…

but of course, one thing that hasn’t made a little change is my inclination towards sweets. another truth be told, however, it’s been a while since i’ve baked (my parents shun it during these curséd hot summer days). i did still want to share with you, though, however late it is, my success with a swiss meringue buttercream. paired with chocolate cupcakes :) and they were delicious!

i suppose cake is always a good accompaniment in any situation–which means i forsee a lot of cake-eating this september.

(recipes: sour cream (i used plain yogurt) chocolate cake from smitten kitchen and “1:2:3 swiss meringue buttercream” from a dyannbakes video.)