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celebruhtory cupcake

I would like to share with you a well-deserved treat (as are all my treats!)

And perhaps when I am not so lazy and indecisive I shall again write about my sugary eating days.

Huzzah to the world.


does anyone like the song on the latest starbucks coffee? the one where a soft-voiced boy sings something about generators?

now, i’m not a coffee drinker. i tried ordering a coffee from starbucks once for a project and it was really embarrassing (uh… what’s the ..most… ‘normal’ coffee you have? yeah? okay, i’d like that, in the–umm–in the largest size. yeahhhh, that’s it: a venti. thank you…… wait, you forgot my cap… it’s over there? oh! okay. thank you. thanks.)

during an event at school, there was complimentary coffee, which led to a bit of an event in itself. a friend and i, totally inexperienced with the stuff, not to mention making it, scrambled over the coffee station mixing up our concoctions of the brewed hot drink, sugar, and cream without any knowledge of what we were doing. we were probably wired off childish excitement in addition to the coffee kick. and i say that to explain why we kind of ended up laughing hysterically whenever someone said something to us and making ‘dust angels’ on the school library’s carpet (behind a bunch of bookcases of course, so no one could misunderstand our fun). a couple of friends declared our ban from coffee that night.

coffee! it doesn’t taste that great to me, but its strangely alluring personality is still intriguing. maybe next year while i am patrolling downtown for school i shall meet starbucks more often and we’ll become best of friends. but that might only be for their white hot chocolate with nutmeg. coffee can court me another time.

i’ve totally ran off the track! i’m doing that a lot these days. i was talking about the music on that starbucks commercial! it’s by this band called freelance whales, the song called generator ^ first floor. it warms my heart and makes me crave some starbucks! not that i’d know how to order anything.

and a tiny fact: one of the band members, chuck criss, has a brother who is named darren criss. sound familiar? that dude from glee? hmm?

you may be wondering why i’m showing you a bunch of images of cupcakes. i could explain to you… but honestly, all i know is that i wanted to talk about starbucks music AND about the cupcakes my sister and i made for a bake sale… so i combined the two missions. i suppose that’s a bit confusing and inappropriate, especially if i say nothing about these cupcakes.

well!! um. i tried out these new method of ‘frosting’ where you melt the frosting in the microwave until it resembles lightly whipped cream (in 5 sec intervals), and then dip the cupcake tops into it! cool! and i also discovered a way to intrigue high school students into buying your cupcakes. you don’t frost the little cakes all professionally, pretty, and mouth-watering-ly; you don’t use unique and fancy flavours. it’s called using pop culture, baby. just takes some ordinary vanilla or chocolate cupcakes and pipe some lady gaga lyrics, entice the occasional belieber, and service the egotistic (who doesn’t want a cupcake that declares HELLO: MY NAME IS AWESOME?); the cash just flows in. practically dances onto your palm.

/end of unfocused rambles/